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Why is Budgeting So Hard?

Updated: Mar 11

Is it? 😈Just trolling you.

** Ick. Budgeting. (groan) What a topic. Closing tab now. **

THAT! 👆That is one of the reasons why budgeting is so hard. I know, this is not such an appealing or appetizing topic but it is essential.

Give it a chance, will you? 🙏

When I try to help people budget, I see 2 main reactions -

The “This is so hard. I don’t want to do this. This is impossible.” person


The “Oh, I don’t want to talk about my finances. It’s private.” person

And if we dive deeper, well, I see the reasons why budgeting is so hard. Here are some:

1. It makes you face your spending habits.

And most of the time it’s not pretty. You see how much money you waste on trivial things like excessive shopping, food and a whole array of things. It makes you learn who you are.

2. It makes you realize that what you thought you NEED was nothing but a WANT.

“I need these new shoes. I need wine. I need Netflix. I need a new jacket.” Sound familiar?

3. It makes you change your lifestyle.

And most often than not, it means giving up your little luxuries. Once you see how much you spend vs. how much money you make, you would know right away that you need a lifestyle change and that feels like it sucks. (but really, it doesn’t). Just check out The Minimalists and Marie Kondo.

4. It makes you grow up.

This means having to face planning for bills and expenses and most important of all, thinking twice before you spend on something. Not every purchase can be just because of a whim. Now you know that it doesn’t work that way. Reality bites.

5. It shows you who you are.

It unearths reasons why you spend on a specific thing and most of the time, spending is an emotionally related event. It unearths insecurities and less than desirable truths about yourself.

You see, it’s not the methods or the formulas that make budgeting so damn hard.

It’s what it unearths and reveals a lot about you.

It’s makes you grow and that’s uncomfortable.

But the benefits that come after facing your spending habits and yourself is worth it.

Now that you know that you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to budget, why don’t you start with this.

This is a FREE Guide that I created to give you that jumpstart on changing your spending habits.

Makes you start with baby steps. What do you say? Are you ready?

It’s just 5 small things that you can do now - 5 Ways You Can Get Your Budget Back on Track Now.

It’s free, so you won’t lose anything. Just download it and give it a whirl. 💃

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