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This is my favorite tool for task management. I love that you can have it as a straightforward list, group your tasks into Projects, make tasks recurring or have a start and end date, have subtasks with its own due dates and assignee and be able to view tasks by Project, by Team Member or just all your tasks by due date. 


You can also create a Trello like board if you prefer. 



Probably my second favorite task management tool. While the UI is awesome, I think this works more for projects. I miss being able to create recurring tasks and having subtasks with their own due dates and assignee. Sometimes, one task has different parts that different people need to do (ex. a copywriter and designer), do you catch my drift?



My favorite website tool! How I wish everyone would switch to Wix. UI is amazing. It's so easy to use. The drag and drop feature is a game-changer. I just hope they integrate more SaaS soon. *wink wink*



I discovered Klaviyo through our e-commerce clients and it's pretty awesome. It integrates well with Shopify and provides awesome stats. If you're in e-commerce, I highly recommend it.


Active Campaign

After Mailchimp, this was the second ESP (Email Service Provider) that I learned and fell in love with. I love how visual the flows are and how you can easily turn emails into templates. It's easy to duplicate flows and it also integrates with most SaaS. One thing I love too is how you can share your automation so people can either copy your flow or just proofread things and give feedback. 


Google Drive

I love this so much for collaborating. It takes away the pain of sending files back and forth and figuring which one is the latest. Instead, a team can work on one doc and you only have one file with a history of who edited what and when. I always try to get people to use Google Drive.



Dropbox Pro

This one I love using for huge files - videos, PSDs, JPGs, PNGs, AIs. All the stuff. I use this to house almost everything that I do not put in Google Drive. It's like my external hard drive too. Awesome plus is being able to choose which folders I can sync to my laptop.



Best communication tool for teams (at least for me!). I handle a lot of clients and I love how I can switch from one team to another seamlessly. UI is very smooth both on desktop and mobile. One thing I wish they can have (not as an added app) is a voice recording feature like in FB Messenger and Voxer. 



No matter how many online creative suites are out there, I still give Adobe a hands-down recommendation. While it can be expensive, what it can do and ease of use (after you've learned) is still incomparable. My favorites are Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat. My hope is to learn Premier soon. (Oh and the fonts in Adobe are just awesome!)



This is good for a secondary graphic design tool. If you or if you're working with someone that's just trying to dive into graphic design, Canva is a good start. It has pre-existing templates that you can edit plus like Google Drive, people can collaborate on a single file. 



I love using zoom for 2 things - meetings and screen recordings. For meetings, I find it less clunky. It's faster to load and I especially like how you can create unique links in advance. This is so helpful for those that do back-to-back calls. Easy to record meetings too if you want. It automatically produces MP4 and MP3 files. For screen recordings, I prefer zoom more than loom or screencast just because I don't like installing redundant software. If one software can do all the things I need, I'd stick to that. Not sure of other screen recording SaaS have this but I like how you can choose the screen you want to record and if you want to change or pause screen sharing while recording you can do that too. You can also pause recording if the page is loading for a long time, it cuts my SOP videos short, ha!


'Skype?? But I thought you loved Zoom?' I'm in Asia and right now, Skype is my best option for calling US numbers via their credits or unlimited subscriptions. So yup, Skype's still on my list.

It's a personal goal for me to hire fellow Filipinos to give them the opportunity to work from home and stay in the country. But other than that, I love how I can only pay for the service whenever I need it. I can cancel the subscription anytime. I also love how the entire thing is structured. You can find a variety of people in here, from EAs, Mechanical VAs, Graphic Designers, Video Editors and even Developers. My entire ineedamichee team was hired from here. 


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