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When Things Are NOT Going Great

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There are times in your business when things don’t seem to be going great. 

Sales are low or barely existent.

You’re exhausted. 

You’re worried. 

You try to catch-up with everything. 

You’re doubting yourself.

Everything feels out of sync.

These are the low points of any business and entrepreneurship. That’s why most people refer to it as a roller coaster. 

What do you do? 

You can try different strategies. 

Study what you’ve done before or have been doing.

Learn what works and what doesn’t. 

Improve. Iterate. 

Whatever it is that you do, there are some things that you should never change -

Never change your Vision.

Never change your Core Values. 

If anything, go back to these. Strip everything down to your WHY and let that guide you. 

What I’ve found helpful whenever I’m in this low point, is writing. Not typing but grabbing a notebook and pen and physically writing out what’s going on. 

I would write without any concern or strict structure. I do see a pattern that works for me -

I would write facts of observation, what is happening?

Next I would write my emotions, how is this making me feel? 

Then, all the negative thoughts, worries, worst-case scenarios and all the end-of-the-world thoughts I could possibly think of. 

Then, I’d write my WHY. 

From there, the writing becomes proactive - I ask myself, is this still inline with my WHY? If not, then how could I pivot it back? What worked? What didn’t? Which specific thing is not inline?

Once you write these things, you’ll find a way to trust in yourself. Once you do, you’d be clear on what you want to achieve and soon things will start going your way.

I’m not one for boring notebooks. I find that in order to write, it helps if I have a notebook that I’d feel ecstatic to grab. If you’re like me, it would need to have either cats or dogs on it, like these cuties!

Cute cat and dog notebook

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