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The Main Role You're Supposed to Play as a Leader

Updated: Mar 11

One of the things I have always dreaded is when one of our team leaves.

If they leave badly (oh we’ve had our fair share of bad hires), well, it’s chaos at first but, good riddance. 👋

If the leave in such a wonderful way, then it’s the most bittersweet thing. ❤️

You see, one of our goals with all of the people we hire is growth.

We’ve accepted the fact that one day, if we did our job well, they’d be ready to leave their nest and pursue something bigger.

It’s not a matter of if they leave but when and how.


Yes, how.

But if they leave because they’ve outgrown their role in the team and they’re ready to grow further, then this is not just good. This is great. 🙌 This means, they’re ready.

✔️This means, we fulfilled our role in their life as leaders and mentors.

✔️We’ve taught them everything we could.

✔️We have successfully cultivated an environment where people grow, where they learn, where they challenge themselves.

So you see, with every hire that you do, make it as a goal that they stay for awhile, years even.

But also, that they leave with immense growth in their arsenal.

Do everything you can to keep the people worth keeping, take care of them but at the same time do everything you can to make them grow.

Great hires leave and treat that as a fact.

The question is, will they leave you because they were stunted?

Or will they leave you because you lead them to growth?

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