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Films That Will Change Your Life (and Should be Shared)

Updated: Mar 11

The time to go beyond yourself and how things are is right now.

We, as a species, have arrived at a major turning point. And while we have major players such as Greenpeace, Greta Thunberg, Dr. Silvia Earle to name a few, there are a lot more things that you can do to help out.

One of the things that I have been trying to do on my own (other than my journey to being plastic-free) is to talk about the environment as much as I can within family and friends.

More than this, I make it a habit to watch and learn from films that are pushing the same message, take it to heart and spread it some more.

Here are some of the films so far that you should watch, take to heart, and share with your own group (and encourage them to do the same).

On Consumerism and Shopping 🛍

This will change the way you shop. While it focuses primarily on Fast Fashion, you can probably see how this is how all mass produced items are made.

It made me question, value and take more care of the things that I already have.

Where can I watch it:

This will make you realize that there’s more than one definition of success and a lot of them really do not involve amassing more and more things.

It will also make you see how we’ve put too much importance on material things and have forgotten the truly valuable ones.

Things do not equate success or even more important, happiness.

Where can I watch it

This follow-up from their first documentary is a good reminder of the first film which is something that we all need. This will help you continue on minimalism or being more conscious about making sure that the things you have serve a real purpose in your life.

It also dives into ways to get you started and reasons on why we attach so much of ourselves to things and why we have to detach from things and instead, build real connections.

Where can I watch it

On Food and Sustainability 🌽🌾

This film will make you realize how much we’ve damaged the earth that we walk on and how crucial it is for us to save it - not just for humans, but for the animals and plants too.

Soil has life too and it is vital to our survival as a whole. Instead of thinking of it as dirt that you need to get rid of, this film will show you how much we need to take care of soil.

Where can I watch it

This film will make you realize how much of what we’ve come to know as food is nothing but processed, full of chemicals and not just damaging to our health but also the environment.

This will also show you the difference between Industrial Farming vs. Traditional Farming and why the former needs to stop and the latter needs to return. This will also make you see how each and everything is connected and how nature installs balance in order to sustain all life-forms.

You’ll definitely question what you place on the dinner table from here on out and hopefully, start to choose sustainable options.

Where can I watch it

On Climate and the Environment 🌏

An “oldie” but a goodie. If you keep telling yourself that the weather is getting crazier and crazier, well, you are right and this film will tell you precisely why.

Created more than a decade ago, watching it now feels like it was a prophecy. But it’s not, it’s scientific fact that a lot of people chose to debate on if they “believe” in it or not and now here we are.

Climate change is not a question of belief. It’s real and it’s here. To deny and ignore it is reckless.

Where can I watch it

A sequel to the film above, this film shows us the reality of where we are now - and sadly, we’re not in a good place.

But more than emphasizing what the first film has brought forward, this film will also show you how the politicians that we put in power can affect our entire lives and the future of this planet. They can either destroy it or try their best to ensure what’s best not just for people but for all of nature - our home, the earth.

I hope watching this will make you realize how much your vote matters.

Where can I watch it

If you think putting your trash in the bin is the end of the story, think again. While it’s good that you are not littering (thank you 🙇‍♀️) our trash, especially plastic ones almost always ends up in the ocean.

This film will open your eyes on how a seemingly “harmless” piece of plastic actually kills the ocean and every creature that lives in it. Not only that, it will also show you how the 3rd world is used as a dumping ground for toxic plastic waste.

Reducing plastic use and production is key, and it starts with us.

Where can I watch it

Mission Blue follows the life of Dr. Sylvia Earle and how she is fighting to protect our ocean.

This film will show you how much we’ve changed the entire world because of our relentless consumption of fossils without regard to how this affects the world, especially the ocean.

It will also show you what you can to do help because while this all seems hopeless, we can still do something.

Where can I watch it

And finally, to cap things off, A Life on Our Planet takes you on a journey with Sir David Attenborough. Much like Dr. Sylvia Earle, Sir David Attenborough shows us how we, humans, as a species have made the biggest mistake on earth.

This film will show you how much we’ve destroyed the earth and how much we’ve changed entire ecosystems, and equally important, how we can rebuild and recover these.

Where can I watch it

I hope you do watch these films with great attention, not just running in the background. When you do, I’m sure even just one of these films will spark a change in the way you live. And maybe, you’ll also encourage more to watch and spark a change within them.

If this happens, I’d be very, very grateful.

Remember, We ARE the only species that destroys for greed and without regard for other living things, and THIS MUST STOP.

Earth is our home and when we say our, this does not just mean humans, it means all the creatures - from animals, to plants, to fungi to bacteria and we must all live in such a way that we co-exist.

Watch a movie. Open your eyes. Change your perspective. Learn. Share. Do your part and take action.

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