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Grateful for...

Updated: Mar 11

If you know me, being grateful is not something that’s innate in me.

I worry.

I think about the difficult parts of any decision.

I’m a realist.

I think about all the hurdles that you need to overcome to reach a goal.

However, I do try to practice to be grateful. I sincerely want to learn it.

And since Alla and I have a big milestone coming up (that’s for another post), I wanted to look back and just see how I got here and be grateful for it.

I am grateful for…

… My mom supporting my college decision, job decisions, and ventures.

… Alla, for pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and for bringing out the best in me.

… For past awesome bosses that tried to stop me from quitting and eventually respecting my decision.

… For past not-so-awesome bosses who made me stronger

… For this specific group of people who egged us to start (y’all know who you are) 😘

… For our beta clients who took a chance on us

… For all the clients that are still with us. We love you.

… For our team members that left for better opportunities and growth. It’s so awesome to see you guys grow.

… For bad hires who went MIA, never to be seen again. I hope you get out of the blackhole. Seriously though, still grateful as this paved the way for the awesome INAM VArmy that we have right now.

… For the awesome INAM VArmy that’s rocking it daily, taking things off our plate, working together, giving us time to do what we love to do. 😍

Without all these, we wouldn’t be here, thriving, growing and learning.

If you are getting stressed with what’s about to come, with what you need to do, with all the hurdles you need to overcome in order to get to your goal, take the time to look back at your previous goals.

How did you arrive at those goals?

You’ll be surprised to realize that there’s so much to be grateful for.

You have nothing to worry about.

You can make things happen.

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