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Our Top Picks for Pet Friendly Resorts and Airbnbs (Philippines)

Updated: Mar 11

If you’re anything like me (and my partner Alla), our furbabies are our kids and we love to take them with us on vacations.

We also make sure that their birthdays are celebrated out of town. We live in a building so having a villa or house with a garden or access to the beach is definitely a treat for them and for us too.

Now, we can’t take them out of the country just yet so these are all local places in the Philippines.

Here are our top picks of pet-friendly resorts and airbnbs so far. We hope to keep updating this post as we try out more places so stay tuned!

Before anything else, only go here if you are a RESPONSIBLE PET PARENT, aka you clean up after your furbabies and train them not to pee or poop on beds and couches. Please don’t ruin it for other pet parents. It’s already hard enough to find pet-friendly resorts.

We started going here more than 4 years ago. Back then it was still new and fairly easy to book. Now, it’s gained popularity so if you want to stay here, you better book months ahead of your desired dates.

They have different units that you can stay from - Floating Cottages, Beach Cottages, Villa (for big groups) and a Camping Site. Our favorite is the Floating Cottages. Our cats and dogs love to hang-out in the veranda and watch the birds and fish.

They’ve been very friendly to all our furbabies, although they recently revised their Pet Policy. Make sure you mention that you are bringing your furbabies just to be sure.

We super love this place! It’s pretty huge and when you book it, the entire farm is exclusively yours. There are so many places to hang around here both for you and your furbabies. There’s a patio at the second floor where our furbabies just love to stay and watch the birds.

The farm is huge and has its own access to the beach. We absolutely love the 5 minute walk that it takes to get to the beach.

Plus, the food is delicious!! You will not go hungry here. And the staff are just the best people. They all love animals. One of our dogs, Rocco, charmed them so much that he became a staple visitor in the kitchen (haha).

Adorable beagles live here but if your furbabies are not too friendly (like Percy, Diana and Foster), they’d move them to a different part of the property.

They have numerous Villas and the one we chose did not have direct access to the beach but it’s just a 5-minute walk away. The villa we stayed in was amazing! I wish I had a house like it.

They also have no problems with our furbabies. They can stay anywhere and the staff welcomed them warmly.

They loved hanging out by the garden and playing there.

We went here because we had no electricity for a day. The compound has various houses and during our stay, it was just us. Not all of the houses are pet-friendly though so make sure you also mention this to the owner.

The place is such a great place to stay in. It’s quiet and of course, the weather is awesome.

The staff are very accommodating too. It’s also near restaurants if you don’t like to cook.

The beach here is AMAZING! The water is clear and calm. The place is beautiful.

The resort has houses of the locals beside it so there are local dogs that would be around but they’re friendly and usually would mind their own business (unless you have food haha).

You’d need to cook but the owner has another resort (that’s not pet-friendly) where you can also eat and buy food from.

They had no problems with us bringing our furbabies as well and the staff are great to deal with.

There are other places that we’ve been too but so far these are the best of the best for us. We always try to visit a new place every year so hopefully this list grows.

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